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Refund Policy: In the event of  missing (previously paid for) rental equipment or missing (previously paid for) food item(s), a refund for the amount of the specific item(s) missing will be given.  A refund request must be given in writing within 14 days of the incident. Your refund request must be acknowledged and accepted by the owner. Your refund will be charged back to the credit card that paid for your order. If your event was paid by cash, check or money order, a check from the BBQ Daddy account will be mailed to you. Your refund can take up to 30 days. In the unlikely event, you received unsatisfactory food or service, a food credit for 1 future order may be given at the owners discretion. 



There will be a non-refundable charge of (35%) of your total order for Prepaid Delivery/Drop off orders canceled within 48 hours of your delivery time. A full refund (for delivery orders) will be issued if you cancel before the 48-hour time frame. Your cancellation must be given in writing and acknowledged by the owner. 


 Additional Services:  Client agrees to pay for any and all additional services requested by the client, e.g. decorations, rental of facility, rental of equipment, and all supplies; set up of rental equipment, refuse removal, etc. Additional services requested shall be included, and added to the proposal where time permits. Verbal modification by the client the day of the event will be included on the settlement bill.

Duties of the Caterer:
a.     Cater represents to the Client that BBQ Daddy Catering, LLC is licensed with the State of 
        Arizona and is in compliance with county health department rules and regulations
b.    Caterer maintains a general liability insurance policy.  For each and every event.
Caterer agrees to provide service to the Client for the Term listed in paragraph 1 above. Service shall include Preparation and Service of the food items as specifically provided at the top of page one
Caterer Agrees to provide"Full Service Catering" which  includes a waite staff, Buffet tables, servers, stainless steel chafers and equipment to keep all your food warm and drinks refilled and cold. We will bus your tables and leave the place like we found it. 
Caterer agrees to provide any and all additional services as requested and previously agreed upon by the Client and caterer.  Caterer shall be responsible for initial payment of fees and deposits assessed by any rental of equipment or supplies obtained from an outside source or vendor and be offered by the Caterer.  Caterer agrees to indemnify and hold Client harmless for Payment of fees incurred to any rental agency the caterer is utilizing.

Duties of the Client:    
Client agrees to provide suitable contracted facility for Caterer to perform duties required for the number of guest expected.  Client agrees to arrange for, or personally provide access to said facility to accommodate the reasonable set-up and preparation prior to the event.  Client acknowledges responsibility for any and all liability arising from rental and use of said facility, that is not a direct result of the caterer’s activities.
Client acknowledges liability for any damage to the rental equipment used during the course of the event.
 Client agrees to full responsibility of all financial arrangements provided for above.
Client agrees that a reversal on a credit card charge will not be allowed, and that if reversal does occur the Client is liable for 2 times the originally charged amount, as well as any chargeback fees and all other costs incurred by the caterer, including but not limited to, collection of the debt, bank charges, check charges, etc.
 Leftovers: Left over food can and will ONLY left if the client has a proper temperature controlled place to store the food.  The place the client chooses to store their leftover food must maintain a temperature of 44 degrees Fahrenheit OR BELOW. Or 141 degrees Fahrenheit OR ABOVE. (ie. oven or refrigerator) If the destination(s) for the leftover food doesn't meet these requirements then NO food Shall be left.  It is also the clients responsibility to provide proper food storage containers if they would like to keep any leftover food. BBQ Daddy Catering can also provide leftover food storage containers at the clients request. This request MUST be written in the notes of the Catering Agreement before the BBQ Daddy Staff show up for service.       

Arbitration:  Failure of either the Client or Caterer to comply with the agreements set forth in this Catering Agreement shall make the party liable for damages to the affected party.  Any claim by either party for such damages shall be presented in writing to the other party within 15 days past the event date.  Both parties agree to obtain an arbitrator or mediator should a dispute arise.


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