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"The best part about this product is you don't need anything else to complete your dish…. It's a one time shop!"


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NO Preservatives

MSG Free, Gluten Free, GMO Free

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"This seasoning is the best seasoning I've purchased. I've tried this on various meats, vegetables, or just sprinkling some into my palm just to taste it. I'm not really a person to give detailed reviews, but you have to take my word for it. As I mentioned it before, I've used it on seared vegetables, chicken, fish, ground turkey/beef, baked and grilled these items as well and all of it turned out just as flavorful. It's difficult to find a balanced seasoning that you could use anywhere, but trust me this is that seasoning! Give it a try and you will not regret it. Best purchase you will have made from Walmart!"


BBQ Daddy's CHEAT CODE the flavorful creation of Food Networks own, Chef Terry AKA The BBQ Daddy.


The perfect orchestration of premium spice blends combined in BBQ Daddy's CHEAT CODE takes the guess work out of your seasoning. BBQ Daddy's CHEAT CODE is just that, a seasoning that give you a distinct advantage in the kitchen AND on the grill.

BBQ Daddy's CHEAT CODE is the flavorful result of years and years of trial and error, cooking inside in the kitchen and outside over over the BBQ Grills and Smokers.

CHEAT CODE is the Perfect blend of sweet, savory and aromatic  PREMIUM spice blends. You can literally sprinkle it on ANYTHING.

For Best results... season your desired food before you cook, then sprinkle a little more on after cooking.

Get ready to take your ENTIRE cooking game to the NEXT LEVEL.


Great seasoning

"It had a most perfect blend of favorable spices. It was not a salty taste it was very pleasant and we use it on all of our meat and vegetables. I am very pleased and complement barbecue daddy for creating Cheat code spices. We used it at a family outing and everybody agreed that it had a phenomenal unique taste. All my company and I Agree we needed a change in something very good to put on our food. By far this is a real break in and seasonings."


Customer for life

This is amazing! I have used this on all my BBQ and savory meats for the summer. It will definitely be on the list for meats and even veggies going forward.



This is such a great addition to my kitchen... I have literally put it on everything... Made breakfast potatoes and flavor was perfect... GLAD I ordered 2 bottles...


Best all purpose marinade!

I used my Cheat Code to make carne asada tacos. It was so good. I also used it on oven roasted cauliflower also very tasty. Just marinate your food for at least an hour, cook, and enjoy. You won't regret it. Get your Cheat Code!


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"...YOU WILL have Pitmaster/Chef quality food because you NOW have the CHEAT CODE"

Chef Terry Matthews -

AKA - The BBQ Daddy

All Purpose


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"The spice is great. I was surprised that it taste so well on everything. I've used it on burgers on the grill but also on shrimp and baked chicken. I recommend this as a must have seasoning for even the most basic kitchen to the most advanced Chef."



Cheat Code test report

"While B-B-Q is one of my favorite meals. I cannot tell you how many terrible creations have not come up to this outstanding sauce. This guy has captured the secret code and the master sauce! He has blown away the competition! So, place them in your shopping cart, or get ready for that super sauce on everything down to shrimp, salads while the store has some bottles left! Watch, as your friends and family ask where they can get more, after one taste of the code!"


It's good on everything, and I do mean everything.


THANK YOU so much for your purchase,

and thank you for supporting Small Business's


"The Backbone of America's Economy" 


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