Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We are an Arizona based company with operations in San Diego County. We cook out of a commercial kitchen in downtown Phoenix, AZ & in Miramar, San Diego, CA

How much does it cost for a party of "___"?

BBQ Daddy charges by the plate based on what menu selections you choose for your party. 

-The BBQ menu packages starting at $12/person for private parties/weddings.

-"a-la-carte'" options for corporate events.

-Steak house catering package starts $59/person

pricing for BBQ  - click here

pricing for Steakhouse catering -click here

pricing for Corporate/Company Lunch CLICK HERE

What catering services do you offer?

We Deliver

full-service catering

Onsite Grilling

Meat Carving Station


do you travel?

Yes. We will cater your event anywhere in Arizona and in San Diego County 

What style of BBQ do you do?

It's called "Myown". Our style of bbq doesn't come from any particular region. It's a perfect combination of "smokey" goodness and seasonings inspired by "trial and error". 

How can i schedule a tasting?
Because we are a 100% catering company and do not have a storefront where we sell BBQ every day, we only fire up the grill when it's event time and each menu is prepared per its specific event order.  

Smoked and BBQ'd meats require new charcoal, wood for smoking and take a full day to prepare.  When prepared fresh, even the smallest portions usually feed at least 10 people.  So for tasting purposes, there is a $150 charge. Your order will feed 5-7 people.  You may choose 3 meat options  (no steaks and tri-tip is an additional $20), 3 sides, 2 apps or 1 Dessert. Additional servings are welcome for $25/per person. My suggestion... invite a few people over or enjoy the leftovers for the next day. 

In most cases, I can have your food delivered with a 3-day notice (Monday - Thursday)

How do we secure your services?

35% of the total event cost will be due upfront to secure your date. This is a "date charge" paid to BBQ Daddy to remove your selected date from our availability calendar. Once the date charge is paid, you can not get overbooked, your selected date and time belongs to your event.  

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