BBQ Daddy will deliver your food hot and ready to eat.


Your courses will be laid on an appetizing spread.  Proper dishes & chafing dishes will be provided to maintain proper serving temperatures. BBQ Daddy Staff will be provided to serve your guest, maintain cleanliness, the integrity and quality of your food. (If BBQ Daddy provides drinks) We will also refill drink and provide all ice to keep drinks cold. Our staff will also and bus tables and clean until the contracted time. 


Your Dinner will be brought to your tables on serving platters and placed on your tables so that you and your guest can serve yourselves family style. Once each course is finished, your platter will be removed and replaced with your next course until your meal is concluded.


Your dinner course will be brought out by our servers, to your guest at each table. Once the table is fully plated, dedicated servers will be available for your guest for the remainder of the dinner service. Your table will be bussed and cleared once the dinner course is complete (just like a typical restaurant) 


This service can be added with any catering services above (minus the delivery)

There's NOTHING like meat fresh off the grill and BBQ Smoke in the Air. Let BBQ Daddy come, grill your meat and serve your guest their meat selection(s) FRESH OFF THE GRILL. We will bring the meat, the grill, charcoal, condiments, stainless steel chafers for any additional sides ordered, tables and extra servers as needed. Go ahead and enjoy your party, you keep burning the meat anyway!


This service can be added with any catering services above (minus the delivery)

A BBQ Daddy Chef will come to your event and slice your smoked meat for each of your guests.

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